Point, Shoot, Eat! The #instafamous Food Of Wollongong Central

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Who doesn’t love when something delicious pops up on your Instagram feed? Food, or as some would dub #foodporn is an Instagram phenomenon. With that in mind, we’ve got the buzz on Wollongong Central’s most popular food picks on Instagram. They might look too-pretty-to-eat, but each will have you wanting a taste! 


Espresso Warriors - Level LG, Gateway Building

Here’s a good case of taking two things we already love and coupling them up to make something even better. Crispy hot chips topped with tons of melted cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce and parmesan cheese – is there a better combo? 


David Jones Food - Level LG, Gateway Building

This café favourite is also apparently the Achilles’ heel of millennial first home buyers. Regardless, enjoy your next smashed avocado fix at the ultra-fresh David Jones Food. Simple, quality produce comes together in a medley of fetta, fresh parsley, dill and lemon. Oh, and the lighting is excellent for food, too!


Saigon Senses - Level LG, Keira Building

The lunchtime crowd worships Saigon Senses and it’s easy to see why. Bringing fragrance and freshness to classic Vietnamese rolls and noodles, one of the most popular picks is the colourful Combination Vermicelli Salad. The photogenic blend is a mix of Pork Sesame, Lemongrass Beef, BBQ Pork and fresh herbs. 


Acai Brothers - Level LG, Keira Building

Superfoods are all over Instagram so there’s no surprises here. But why wouldn’t you Instagram a classic Acai Bowl from Acai Brothers Wollongong. Our favourite is the Berry Nice Bowl. The almost too-pretty-to-eat dish is a nourishing mix of acai, banana, mixed berries, coconut yoghurt, berry sauce and buckini.  


Guzman Y Gomez - Level G, Keira Building

The Cali Burrito is a game-changer. Originating in Southern California, inside this silver-wrapped and weighty package, are all your familiar delicious Mexican ingredients, along with the addition of fries! Prepare to be blown away by this extra crunchy creation. 


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