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Eye Lash Extensions with Just Lashes
Blogged by: Wollongong Central 13 Sep 2018 View comments
How intense is your beauty routine? Do you struggle to remove your make-up after a long night? Or maybe you’re all for advanced skin treatments and cosmedical breakthroughs. Whatever your approach, wanting to look and feel your best is never something to be ashamed of!

There’s no universal standard for beauty. Factors such as our cultural background, community and influence of pop culture play into our perceptions. Today’s beauty industry gives us more accessibility and choice to improve our look and target specific areas of concern to ultimately feel more confident.

Through this Beauty Series, we hope to make your decisions easier with information from industry experts located right here at Wollongong Central.


IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Eyelash Extensions

THE EXPERTS: Just Lashes (Crown, Level 1)

Sometimes the most subtle beauty treatments make a lasting impact. Eyelash extensions are a prime example – a simple ticket to instant glam. “Eyelash extensions can make your eyes look more open and more awake, or sultry and sexy if you prefer!” says the award-winning Lash Gurus and Lash Masters at Just Lashes (Crown, Level 1). “It makes a huge difference to your appearance without having to put on make-up. You literally roll out of bed looking glam!”

And the best part? Getting your own eyelash extensions is fuss and pain-free-free. “We customise every set to suit our clients’ eye shape and personality using our exclusive design methods,” the Just Lashes team says. Precision is key – and the team painstakingly applies one single extension to never more than one of your natural lashes. This ensures your lashes always stay separated and never clump! “Just lay down and have a nap…we’ll do all the work!”

Three things you should know…

  • Eyelash extensions are unique customised for your unique eye shape and personality. The Just Lashes experience begins with a consultation to pinpoint the look you want to achieve. “We look at eye shape, assess the natural lashes and also bone structure which is very important when determining the correct length and curl to use.”
  • Your new lashes will last indefinitely (with regular refills). A fortnightly maintenance schedule including refills as part of the process will do the trick.
  • It’s fine to continue wearing your favourite make-up and mascara with your new eyelash extensions. As a basic rule, always go for oil-free and mineral/natural for products around your eye area. The Just Lashes team can recommend safe products to use on your skin.

For more information and current prices, please visit Just Lashes.

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