Blogged by: Wollongong Central 07 Sep 2018 View comments
Blogged by: Wollongong Central 07 Sep 2018 View comments

How intense is your beauty routine? Do you struggle to remove your make-up after a long night? Or maybe you’re all for advanced skin treatments and cosmedical breakthroughs. Whatever your approach, wanting to look and feel your best is never something to be ashamed of! 

There’s no universal standard for beauty. Factors such as our cultural background, community and influence of pop culture play into our perceptions. Today’s beauty industry gives us more accessibility and choice to improve our look and target specific areas of concern to ultimately feel more confident. 

Through this Beauty Series, we hope to make your decisions easier with information from industry experts located right here at Wollongong Central. 


THE EXPERTS: Evolution Laser Clinic (Crown, Level 1)

Are you concerned about active acne, unwanted redness, rosacea, wound healing and general skin rejuvenation?

Then LED Light Therapy could be the innovation you’re looking for. “LED Light Therapy is the therapeutic use of LED (light emitting diode) light to enhance your body's natural cellular recovery. This improves healing times, relieves pain, subsides active acne and promotes skin rejuvenation,” says Louie Trajcevski of Evolution Laser Clinic. There are two types of LED light used for this treatment: Yellow and blue. Yellow LED Light Therapy (15 minute session) addresses wound healing, skin rejuvenation and the reduction of inflammation. Blue LED Light Therapy (25 minute session) targets active acne conditions.  

LED Light Therapy has several advantages over current treatments. As each session only lasts 15-25 minutes, it’s easy to schedule into a busy lifestyle. The process is also non-invasive and has no down time. “During the treatment you feel soothing warmth from the LED lights on the areas being treated. It’s actually quite a relaxing experience,” Louie says. 

Three things you should know… 

  • LED Light Therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment that uses LED light to enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery, improve healing times and promote skin rejuvenation. This innovation also targets concerns like active acne, unwanted redness and rosacea.
  • The treatment comprises Yellow or Blue LED Light Therapy. Sessions typically last 15-25 minutes and have no resulting down time. Your therapist will advise the right number of sessions based on your specific skin concerns.
  • More than 70% of patients respond with excellent results.
For more information and current prices, please visit Evolution Laser Clinic. 


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