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Get organised!

If you are struggling to keep your home organised, don't know where to start or just looking for some time saving advice - we can help!

We challenge you with the following questions to help you get organised!

1. Do you need it?

Start by going back to basic's - do you actually NEED this item? What would happen if you did not have it? When was the last time you used it? And consider do you already own something else that fills the same need? Taking the time to think about each individual item will help give you perspective. 

2. Do you love it?

Does this item hold special memories for you? Does it envoke happiness? Would you be less happy without this item in your life? How would you truely feel if you no longer had this item? These are the items we may not need but couldn't live without. It is important to surround yourself with items that make you feel happy, comfortable and help you feel at home. 

3. Can you sell it?

If you do not need or love it, could you sell it? The internet has made it easy to sell your unwanted items - find your local buy, swap and sell page on facebook or upload your items to sites such as Gumtree or EBay.

If you would prefer to sell your items in person you could host a garage sale at your home or take part in local markets to sell your goods. 

4. Can you donate it?

Is your item is good condition? Is it something that others may find useful? Why not consider donating the item. As an alternative to the larger charity stores, consider posting your item for free on your local buy, swap and sell page on Facebook or doing some research into local charity groups in the area that may be looking for donated goods. You can feel good knowing your unwanted items have been given a second life.


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