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Your website is a treasure trove of healthy living advice, but do you follow one overall approach? 
“My overall mantra is to find a balance with life and not to fear food or let it control you. Being healthy isn’t about having abs or being able to run for hours at a time, these are all positive things however not always possible or the goal for everyone. It’s about letting women know that it’s ok to just get up and get moving, to be healthy and happy and to only compete with ourselves and not those around us."  

On your website, you mentioned a stage of your life in which you felt burnt out. How did you regain your inner strength? 
“It was about finding my passion and following that. When we aren’t doing what we truly love then it’s easy to feel exhausted, depressed and run down. However, when we are chasing after what we love and doing what we are passionate about its almost impossible to get burnt out." 

Why do you think your Booty Boot Camps have become a huge hit with women in the Illawarra? 
“It’s not about the moves; there isn’t anything too different about what I do to what anyone else does. But it is about the culture and community we have created amongst the women that attend. It is such a positive and fun environment that everyone who comes leaves with a big smile on their face, feeling positive and also gets in a great workout."  

What can participants expect from your session at Move Fest? 
“They can expect something that will be tough but also a lot of fun. I always give all women the different options so you can make the session hard on yourself or not depending on your fitness level. So, we cater for everyone because we want all walks of life and fitness levels to come and enjoy the positivity of this community.” 


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