The silver lining - quality family time

Making the most of this time spent at home with your family.
Physical distancing can be difficult. We’ve heard you, our community talking about how trying this time contained at home can be. You’re trying to navigate a new way of life, while working, home schooling, looking after your children’s emotional and physical wellbeing (and hopefully your own too!).
A popular post on social media recently had us rethinking our outlook on this situation. Titled ‘What If???’, the article featured on Jaime Ragsdale's blog, Altogether Mostly, pondered if this time might be the thing that advances our children.
She writes “What if they have more empathy, they enjoy family connection, they can be more creative and entertain themselves, they love to read, they love to express themselves in writing. What if they enjoy the simple things, like their own backyard and sitting near a window in the quiet.”
See the full post here.
We can't get enough of this positivity. Sure, we’d never wish for a situation like this to force family time, quiet reflection and empathy. However, this viewpoint had us thinking about how we can make the most of this tough situation.
Instead of rushing your family out the door, spend the travel time sitting and eating a meal together. Talking about how they are. What they are feeling. What they want to achieve and how you can help each other.
Instead of worrying about all the social commitments you are behind on, be content with your own company. Enjoy the time you are ‘forced’ to be still. Use it as a welcome break from busy schedules to reflect. To listen. To simply ‘be’.
Instead of scurrying through dinner, bath and bedtime, stop. Eat together, play together, read an extra book at bedtime and show your child the value in connecting. Show interest in each others’ interests.
Instead of using technology as the constant source of entertainment, dust off the old board games. Get out the sidewalk chalk. Make some old walkie talkies with tin cans and string. Reminisce in your own childhood and watch the joy as your kids see your inner child emerge.
Instead of hammering off late night emails for work, get out some paper and a pen and write a well thought out letter to a loved one who could use some cheering up.
There will be tough moments, but if we focus on the silver lining, make the most of this situation and importantly teach our kids to make the most of it… we’ll come out the other side and be stronger, better and happier because of it.

Print out this blank puzzle, have your kids create their own design, cut out the pieces, then complete the puzzle together as a family.
48 Piece Puzzle    88 Piece Puzzle   216 Piece Puzzle

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